Data Wizard

Create the most preferred test scripts automatically by using data wizard. DB connections, tables and rules are ready to become a test case.

Web Services

Integrate with ETL tools using Web Services.


Anytime you schedule a suite to run and make it periodical.

LDAP Authentication & Roles

Be secure to give users correct roles -Administrator, Developer, Auditor. Also, you can allow to authenticate single user account only.

Import/ Export

Move a test or suite scripts with all features from one repository to another easily.

Alert Mechanism

Identify the alert rule and send a mail related user groups if it is obeyed.

Compare millions of rows

DVS algortihms can compare millions of rows in a few minutes.

Ease of use

User interface is so friendly. Directions and signs are remarkable.


Test cases take where conditions on data sets. Also user can easily define primary keys.