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What is DVS ?

As you know, all data warehouse projects have composite and collaborated data models that capture the entire data of organizations. It brings data together from heterogeneous sources in to the one single destination. It does not only bring data together, but the data also extracted, transformed and then loaded in to the data warehouse. That is, there is a huge amount of organizational data movement in ETL process. In this data organization, senior managers should have the ability to monitor historical trends, patterns and then provide healthy conclusions. Therefore, checking on voluminous organization data becomes very important. At that point, DVS plays an important role.

DVS, built specifically to automate, simplify, accelerate, visualize the ETL testing process and measure DW Quality.

DVS, ensures that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target by analyzing and pinpointing any differences. DVS, improves your data quality as side result.

Comprehensive Test Types

Integrity test consists of null value checking, unique key control, duplicated data recognizing and metadata control.
Data Profiling test consists of row-count checking, domain control, max/min value checking and pattern control.
Parent child test that check parent child relationships between tables in DWH is so crucial for RDBMS.
Comparison test is so important after ETL process in DWH. Missing data, data type mismatch, transform error, not matched pattern can be easily blocked.



Enhanced Dashboards and Reports

Informative dashboards show us the status of data quality of dataware house overall or for a specific time period.
Sometimes pie charts show us the percentage of suites that we have executed ever. What percentage of tests are succeeded, failed or become cloudy. Sometimes, line chart shows us DWH data quality with respect to time.
Also,you can take the results in XLSX or CSV formats.



Automated Testing Mechanism

DVS can be integrated with ETL tools. Test scripts can be easily scheduled through ETL process.
DVS is also ready to be taken reports by BI platforms. You can easily make perfomance analysis of DVS with BI tools
Regression Testing, Functional Testing are also available with DVS.

Different Platforms

DVS, ensures that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target by analyzing and pinpointing any differences.
DVS can compare data across different technologies such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Teradata.

Data Wizard Tool

DVS has a magical tool to make comparison, DDL and row-count test in bulk easily. By DVS Data Wizard, you can compare a great number of tables in bulk.


Take the free POC for your firm and learn what effects of DVS on your DWH
You never alone against validation problems.